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Monty Python Icon Making Contest
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Welcome to python_stills, a Monty Python icon contest for non animated icons. Each week one blank will be chosen from a selection of three. Then members will make an icon from that blank and the top 3 will be voted on. This community is run by camel_spotter. Since all submissions are done through comments, I'm the only one that needs to have posting access. Don't ask me for posting access.

1. Your submissions cannot be animated! (It's kind of the point of the entire contest)
2. Your submissions must remain anonymous. This means you cannot use your icon or post it anywhere till the voting period is over.
3. No telling your friends to vote for you. It breaks rule #2 and it's not fair to the people who follow the rules.
4. No voting for yourself. It's just lame.
5. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards.
6. Please don't take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission.

1. At the beginning of each contest I will make a post where you can reply with your submission. Comments will be screened so the only people who can see your submission are you and me.
2. You will need a host that allows remote linking. Geocities/angelfire/tripod won't work. However, photobucket is a decent free image host that allows remote linking. Many icon makers use it.
3. When responding with your submission, please include the img src and url versions like this:

title or description


Submission deadline!!!!! Friday at 8:00 pm eastern time
1. The icons will be up to vote for on Fridays sometime after 8:00 pm.
2. You will have till Sunday evening to vote.
3. Winners will be announced and the new blank selection will be posted Sunday night.
((please forgive me if I get terribly busy and can't get this exactly on time))

1. You don't have to be a member of the community to vote.
2. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
3. Please vote for your choice for first, second, and third place. You must also state your choice for next week's blank.
4. The honorable mention award is given to an icon of my choosing. Basically it's just an icon I thought was nifty but was over looked in the voting.

If you have any questions you can e-mail me or contact me at my journal(camel_spotter)

That's it! Have fun making your icon.